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It is rather common knowledge that John Nelson Darby, Exclusive Brethren, was the one who introduced Dispensationalism and present End Time beliefs into the U.S.A.  That has been to the detriment of the beliefs of millions. He followed the teachings of a former Jesuit priest and was Kabbalistic.

There is also the necessity of investigating those beliefs within the early Healing Movement, the Pentecostalists and latterly the Charismatics. Would they also have experienced their own singular perversions from the Jews as was the case through Darby? Then one must consider the case as it might apply to Calvinists, Reformers and the Puritans. Was there a concerted effort to disseminate similar views in regard to Zionism, within the Anglican Church, the Methodists and the Baptists, indeed all divisions and denominations of the Protestant Church?

This article is the result of an accidental viewing of a Jimmy Swaggart Sonlife Televised show. His grand-son was the speaker. He casually mentioned Myer Pearlman. That triggered a memory of my having bought his book for deep study, seventy years ago. Suddenly the possibility of his being Jewish struck me. Looking into the matter discovery was made that indeed he was. From that point, much research has evolved leading to conclusive answers to the above questions.

Yes, Jews and Judaism were a formidable force of influence within Protestantism as it had been in the formation, rites and religion of the Roman Catholic Church. Every denomination has been infiltrated in some form by characteristics of the Judaism that was so adverse to Christianity throughout the whole of the New Testament. For centuries particularly the Roman Catholic Church but also the Orthodox Churches inherited in major ways symptoms of the Satanic order, the Synagogue of Satan. Since the Reformation every denomination that has sprung up carries this curse. The true doctrines of the New Testament have been turned into winds of doctrines that are doctrines of demons. This has occurred without a fight. We have failed to a large extent in putting on the whole armour of God, especially the sword of the Spirit, which is the true Word of God. Thus when the evil day came the church did not stand. She succumbed to the wiles of the Enemy, that old Serpent the Devil.

There was Alexander Dowie, an Australian congregational preacher who founded Zion City in the U.S.A., based on his ministry of healing.  A photo survives of him dressed as an Aaronic High Priest. John G. Lake was influenced by him in his own healing ministry that incorporated the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. He also promulgated Zionism that existed in South Africa and in the Apostolic Faith Mission he founded. He is known for his healing ministry and experience with the Holy Ghost baptism. These preachers along with Mrs. Woodworth-Edder became predecessors of the Pentecostal and then Charismatic movements. Indeed the early healing preachers had some influence from Zionism.

In relation to Myer Pearlman I searched on line for some knowledge of a few of his articles and came to the conclusion that there was nothing particularly Spiritual about them. It appeared that any person, knowing the then Assemblies of God teachings and some one as intellectual as he, could write without much personal knowledge of the gospel, of Jesus Christ Himself.  It was not apparent that he emphasized a personal baptism with the Spirit but rather seemed barren of such but redolent of great learning.

I discovered he had known a few languages, was a philosopher (obviously Jewish), had studied in Hebrew speaking institutions run by Jews and that he owned a library of 10,000 books. This led to a certainty also, not only to his scholarship but to his still remaining very much a Jew in thought, if not experience. He would have studied every aspect of Judaism, including the Gemara, Mishnah and Talmud. Early Pentecostalism  would not have included knowledge that such Texts existed. His emphasis was the end-times with Israel the centre. Being appropriate for someone with ties to former Judaism. It was not a doctrine in the Early Church of the first century, rather as Peter said, a Jewish myth.

A down load of the book, ‘Knowing The Doctrines Of The Bible’ by Myer Pearlman and information found on the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Centre provided confirmation of my assumptions.

It is somewhat strange that he maintained such a close connection with his Jewish roots. There seems to have been no disparity between following Christ and at the same time applauding Jewish thought and scholarship as he did. In 1932, an article he authored for the ‘Pentecostal Evangel’ is to be found on that site. Apparently this Jew, Myer Pearlman, did not deem it necessary to obey the Scriptures in emulating Paul’s God ordained example.

Paul gave warning to the Corinthian Church which all of us are beholden to obey. He wrote:

‘But I have a fear, that in some way, as Eve was tricked by the deceit of the snake, your minds may be turned away from their simple and holy love for Christ’.

‘For if anyone comes preaching another Jesus from the one whose preachers we are, or if you have got a different spirit, or a different sort of good news from those which came to you, how well you put up with these things’, 2 Cor.3:4.

I fear that I as a member of the Assemblies of God in the past, being in ministry in Australia, along with those early leaders of our Movement, were tricked by the deceit of the snake, Satan himself. The Talmud and its teachings came out of Babylon when the Jews in captivity took on more idolatry than they had followed previously. There they imbibed all of the snake religion that commenced with Nimrod at the time of the Tower of Babel. It was such that its foundations consisted of every form of paganism prevalent throughout the whole world. This included all manner of evil, witchcraft, Satanism, the occult, Gnosticism and a reversal of good being turned into evil becoming the object of pursuit with all of its base forms. This was the mystery of Babylon, the harlot nation, the whore as described by the prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. This was Israel the harlot, the whore. She existed at the time of Christ. In our day she is among us in a cult of Judaism of ‘Jews who are not Jews’ – Edomites ending up as Khazars, known as Sephardic Jews today. They are not descendants of Abraham.

Millions have been affected by the serpent’s fangs without realising it. Thank God I myself began to see the light fifty years ago but it took much effort and faith to allow the Lord to turn me around to follow only His Word.

Without a doubt, the major reason this false teaching of the End Time and indeed heresy, has been so prominent being one of the major beliefs held, is sorcery. Oh yes, sorcery. Do we not understand that our enemy, the Diabolical One, is doing what John described ‘And the dragon waxed wroth with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, that keep the commandments of God, and hold the testimony of Jesus’, Rev.12:17. As Peter said, ‘He goes around seeking whom he may devour’.

He works through the most evil practices and this enmity is not seen and seldom realised. He is the deceiver and father of lies. Paul clarified the situation of a whole church full of believers being under this kind of attack. It is apparent he has been attacking every church, every believer and every denomination from the inception of the gospel as seen in all of the epistles. He uses wolves against the flock of our Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church in Galatia was exposed to decided sorcery and Satanism as the apostle revealed with these words: ‘O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?’ Gal.3:1.

Judaism and Jewry that opposed Christ and crucified Him then attacked the Christians. It was done openly as the book of Acts describes. Afterwards it was not apparent to present day believers but history would prove it to be so.

Myer Pearlman, whose works were read and studied by Assemblies of God leaders and people, other Pentecostals and many Baptists, was rather open in his disclosure of personal Judaism and an innate love of such a background and its education. He would quote such a man as Professor Judah L. Magnes, a most famous Jew whose Museum exists today. Apart from this professor’s diligent application to working for his people in the U.S., he opened the Institute of Jewish Studies in Palestine, with three sections Philogy, Talmud and Palestine Research. Pearlman based much of his teaching on his past studies and on his library. He would use the Hebrew Old Testament, that is from the Masoretes who used corrupted manuscripts and gave a much altered script, whereas the Septuagint is the only translation based on the most original of then known manuscripts. He would apply Philosophy, quoting Kant and Hegel. These traits are not those of a fully converted believer in Christ, who is a Spiritual leader among the Church of Jesus Christ.

That Christians accepted such, is not surprising, considering that from the tine of the Reformation, Jews and Zionism were ardently esteemed as the ultimate of the Bible by many leading Christians. This was a false view and implemented by political forces in Great Britain in particular, their monarchy, aristocracy – the Establishment and its aristocratic Parliament.

The Puritans adored the Jews. This was from the time of Cromwell, who brought the Jews back into England that result in their aid to his  Parliament’s manoeuvres ending in the beheading of Charles I.

When they migrated to the Americas to start a colony, they acted as if they were another Israel under God whose Bible really did not cover such an event. They generally spoke Hebrew, not English, and founded their colony on the Laws given, not to New Covenant believers, but to the obsolete Old Covenant Hebrews, the Children of Israel. Such Laws were never to be given to another people.

This love of the Jews exists to this day generations later in an unscriptural manner, even appearing to be one that exceeds love to Christ and His Word. Such an esteem is inappropriate, undesirable and anti-Christ.

We think back to when Luther opposed the Pope, rightly. At first he considered the Jews as friends in his country Germany, but on discovering the wickedness they employed he wrote against them. He followed Jesus who spoke harshly against them in several places. Paul warned against them. Peter said to ‘beware of Jewish myths’. They existed still in the churches of Revelation, having their beginnings in Babylon, being from Judah and Benjamin. Some returned from captivity, having been designated as Jews while there. Joined to such were Edomites from Esau the non-elect, who all then became Judeans, not Jews. Such a name did not even appear in the first of the different KJV Bibles.

In U.S.A. it is noted that Timothy Dwight, grandson of Jonathan Edwards declared ‘that remarkable Jewish tradition’ of a full millennium of ‘peace, purity and felicity’. This was a climactic expression of love of Judaism in America. This kind of thought found popular expression.  It certainly became a leading  doctrine after John Nelson Darby, also being an agent of the British East India Company, a High Mason and Kabbalist (so said) visited leading churchmen to preach his End Time beliefs garnered from a Jesuit Jew. Wealthy Jewish backers supported both him and Schofield in particular whose Bible held sway for decades. Its notes gave credence to the idea that what he wrote ‘was Bible’. Many Fundamentalists, Pentecostals and others were led astray by absorbing those unscriptural views.

What of Zwingli, Calvin and the Jesuits in Switzerland? A Judaic State of harshness was formed there. Some who defied those leaders of an enforced law state were killed and failure was the result. Now for the Reformation. It proceeded but by this time added to Luther’s  ‘Justification by Faith’ were the seeds of Judaism from the Jews of the Talmud. They had long ago intruded to introduce their Talmud beliefs into the beliefs, rites, idolatry, priesthood and encyclopaedia of the Roman Catholic Church. Many Jews became Catholics with some voted in as Popes. Now there had to be corruption within the ranks of the Reformation.

Calvin, who was a Jew, organized Scotland into something that was not pure gospel. His book of tenets of Calvinism (Cohen), included much human philosophy that does not stand up to Bible Truth. He imposed a harsh Reform Church there that followed keeping the Sabbath on an Old Testament idea for Hebrews only but corrupted for Christians into a belief contrary to the gospel. This bears it out: ‘Calvin, in disagreement with the early fathers, saw more in the fourth commandment than they did. ‘They touch upon only half the matter.’ Calvin sees three conditions requiring attention in a consideration of the fourth commandment. They are: …the matter of spiritual rest, in which believers ought to lay aside their own works to allow God to work in them.

John Owens, that Puritan master of gospel truth who authored many books, still followed the joining of Church and State as he remained in such a system.   Before him the Reformers had done this although  they wanted their own Church/State being stated ‘Non-Conformists’.

His was somewhat Theocratic, following on from the Israelites and latterly the Jews, who today and when the Reformation occurred had become as Jesus said, ‘Jews who are not Jews’. They were 90% Khazars and surely with no direct descendants of Abraham, in the remaining 10%. Where are the genealogies? There was great destruction of records in AD 70 when the Temple was razed to the ground,  being burnt with such heat that the gold began to melt. Every huge stone remaining in the precincts were carted away by the Romans.

We should understand that Judaism is religious, political and cultic, their god being Mammon, money and prosperity.

Thus the Church of Jesus Christ has been infiltrated and cursed by them to bring about its downfall. It is also first and foremost to further their exaltation as the people of God, who is not our God but Satan himself. Some group among them will be the Messiah(anti-Christ), who is not our Messiah dying on a cross, resurrected to be seated on the right hand of the throne of God, world without end. Their hopes are all earthly but ours are meant to be heavenly. In heeding this belief that is not part of the gospel, we only harm ourselves and submit to the evil in them. This brings despite to the grace of the God of the gospel under which we serve our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We cannot love and give allegiance to people who are the enemies of Christ.

‘To them who look for Him shall He appear without sin unto salvation’. We should look for Him and never to a restored Israel, a restored people (we believers in Christ are the people of God, a new race) or a restored and rebuilt Temple. We believers are now the Temple of the Living God and He is to live among us forever. He is never through Christ to be among a restored people, making pagan sacrifices and according to the Jews themselves and their Talmud, it is to be so. We wrongly ascribe Old Testament sacrifices as their goal. In doing so we sin because we ‘are treading underfoot the blood of Christ’.

This all leaves us as individual believers to find the truth and sell it not. We are to search in particular the pages of the New Testament where we will discover there is no recorded plan for a millennium, a restoration of Israel ‘whose house is left unto them desolate’, said Jesus. There is no mention by Jesus or the apostles of His ever coming back to reign on this earth.

The millennium is a Jewish myth, as said the early Church leaders for at least one century.  After that, until today, the wolves have been tearing the flock to pieces. So let us dig for the truth.

The spirit of today’s Judaistic Jewry crept from Pentecostalism and particularly the Roman Catholic Church into the whole of the Charismatic move. They were Charismatic brothers with love flowing like a river. Protestants forgot such and also that in the main they were still according to the Roman Catholic Church not true believers unless we joined it. Thus we were not brothers. They could not enter our churches but instead as we heard an R.C. Bishop inform us we should join theirs. It was obligatory according to their beliefs that we submit to that church, its doctrines and Papal authority. Protestants could never do this. Pentecostals were first of all Protestants. Judaism thus through out its tentacles in and attempt to enforce its ideas of the Roman Catholic Church to the world of Charismatics.

There was a partial success within the ranks in the imposed love of Israel, to consider them the people of God when as Peter said we who follow Christ now are the ‘chosen race’ and ‘holy nation’. We are the people of God. The main intrusion of influence proved to be offshoots in doctrines and experience of the 1948 Canadian Latter Rain Move and of William Branham, specifically with the use of so-called (Words of Knowledge).


Isa.53:5 SLT: ‘And he being wounded for our transgressions, and crushed from  our iniquities, the correction of our peace upon him, and in the marks of his stripes it was healed for us’.  What was healed?
Those as: ‘for our transgressions,  our iniquities, our peace upon him’. This part of v.5 is the subject, the ‘it’. Ch. 53 is totally about our sin. Our sin separated us from Him, Our sin ‘Your iniquities have separated you from your God’, and Christ brought peace, Eph.5:17. ‘The wages are of sin, not sickness, Rom.6:23. No mention of sickness being the problem. Redemption is from sin by the shed blood. All are appointed ‘once to die’. Rom.8:23 We wait the ‘redemption of our body’; We will put on immortality at His coming, 1 Cor,.15:54.

By whose stripes we are healed refers to the preceding words of that verse. Such reveal it is all about our transgressions. 1 Cor. 15:3 ‘Christ died for our sins (not for our sicknesses) according to the Scriptures. Those stripes left bruised weals accdg. to Hebrew, Isa. 53:5. Healing of sicknesses is not in the atonement. It is healing from sin. We still sin, get forgiven as His blood cleanses from sin. If healing from illness were in the atonement every sickness would as does sin on confession. 20 or so beginnings of sicknesses are on every one’s body. As to sin, ‘It is cleansed’ and we are not under its dominion.  Yet if ill, pray and trust the Lord.

“Stripes’ from Heb. Chabbuwrah’ means ‘bruise, stripe, wound, blow’.  It is properly, ‘bound’ with stripes. that is a weal, black and blue with mark itself.  I, a Pentecostal/Charismatic, 70 yrs. do find them often ignorant in their rush to have all with the right to be healed.   I believe the Lord heals, seen it hundreds of times in life, ministry. Gift of healing, laying hands, prayer of faith. Honest preachers would say about 3% only get healed.

1 Peter 2:24 not sickness.  Healing from sin etc., Psalms mention ‘healed’ from sin etc. as definitely not sickness.

See Peter. 2:18-20 that is to servants, subject to whipping. Suffer, says Peter, like Christ, V.21-23.  He (moreover) suffered for you (not for Himself as you do for your own self). Healed’ from Gk. ioamai: to make whole, to free  from errors and sins, to bring about one’s salvation.
Healed in soul, Ps.41:4; Isa. 57:18. Ps.30:3,2.;PS. 51.

If ill, pray for healing. But many have had their sickness for years or died! So healing cannot be in the atonement.

The N.T. emphasises over forty times we are to hold to ‘the truth’. It is all about our wondrous salvation from sin, eternal condemnation, hell and then delivered out of the power of darkness and into the kingdom of light. The apostles preached Christ crucified, not healing (never a word about a restored Israel or Millennium on earth) and Heb.2:3-5. Jesus began to preach the Gospel followed by the apostles preaching a fuller Gospel of salvation from sin. God confirmed it with signs and wonders and gifts of the Holy Ghost, people filled with the Holy Ghost, those healed through handkerchiefs and Peters shadow, raising of the dead, many healings etc. Paul said, 1Cor.1:17 ( to preach the Gospel) 1Cor.2:1-10; v.4, ‘And my speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power’. See Gal.3:1, Jesus Christ was being preached as crucified so much that they could see the Truth all the time. 2Thes. ‘how that our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power (dunamis power of speaking in tongues) and in the Holy Spirit, gifts of the Spirit’.

These where gifts of faith, healings and miracles. Also included were words of knowledge and of wisdom. See 1Cor.14:26, where in meetings of the church, those three gifts are not mentioned. There are words of knowledge and of wisdom as Paul used in his teaching of the Gospel. ‘Teaching & revelation’, are not regarding healing. See ‘When ye come together, each one hath a psalm (from the Spirit Eph.5:18-20), hath a teaching, hath a revelation (words of knowledge and of wisdom being Spirit inspired understanding of the revelation of the Gospel, N.T.), hath a tongue, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.’ We have all been wrong, a. In pronouncing new revelations from ourselves and b. saying words of knowledge are about healings, c. the revelation has been given through the apostles of the N.T. and no further revelation is to be added to the Word of God. They are part of the gifts of healings and miracles as can be seen. In Australia all churches have descended to people everywhere getting supposed words of knowledge and saying the most ridiculous things, the healings not occurring and the preaching of a diluted Gospel, heresy, error, no real knowledge of the Word of God, New Age – doctrines of demons (1Tim.6:3-6; 2Tim.4:1,2,6,7; 2Tim.4:1-4) That I should live to see such a time!

We pray for the sick. Years on, they die – go to be with the Lord, forever. Glorious thought.  Why some, not all get healed we know not. Why ask? Job, ‘Tho He slay me I will trust Him.’  ‘I will and not be afraid when all my life on Him is stayed.’

Little 10 yr. old  Indian  girl – sick. Kept saying, I am going to die be with Jesus. She went parents said.

Have you been to website revirene.org where we give limited testimony of what the Lord did through the gift of faith, healings and miracles?


I believe there are many Indian brethren who are wanting more of God. I know there are believers there and in other countries, such as Australia, who want a revival. I know that in India Pastors, believers and churches are seeking the Lord. They are trying to fill their hearts with the Epistles of the New Testament. They are praying in the Holy Ghost, other tongues constantly. They are faithful in preaching to believers and unbelievers.

This is a cry from a God-sent Apostle, now in Australia. A few of us here are following the full truth of the New Testament and also praying in the Holy Ghost.

Here is a call of the trumpet! Let us seek the Lord in prayer. We repent of our ways of not following the New Testament. We do as in Acts 3:19,20. Then there is revival. Only once is revival mentioned in the Bible. It is here, in Greek to English ‘refreshing’. Peter relates it to the Day of Pentecost. They spoke in other tongues because the Holy Ghost from heaven filled them. There was not any fasting. That is how revival, the New Testament way, is meant to come. Let us hunger. Let us repent. Let us get our hearts filled with the truths in the Epistles of the New Testament. Then let us be filled with the power of speaking in other tongues.

We must repent from our lack of following all of the New Testament truths – repent of following the modern books by Charismatics and Pentecostals in English and whatever language. We should repent from listening to the Television Evangelists who mostly preach error. This is a time for us all to become sober and seek the Lord.

We must repent from our craze for Rock music and modern songs to attract the young! Churches in Australia, of tens of thousands, lead the way. Their young people, some at least, go to Night Clubs and join in the love of the world, the flesh and the Devil. Then they go to church and jump and dance as those do who go to the world’s Rock Concerts. There is a following of the current modern trend. They must have what the world’s youth are doing here in my country.

After repentance let there be revival. The Greek word for refreshing in the KJV of Acts 3:19,20 is revival. This is the only time in the Bible a New Testament or gospel revival is mentioned. This is God’s way. It has to do with the Day of Pentecost. Peter was referring to Acts 2:4. They spoke in other tongues. That brought the Church into being. It ushered in the New Covenant in His blood. It introduced righteousness.

Some of us can see God beginning to do something about the state of our churches world-wide. Most have fallen from the truth.
We need God in our midst with the purifying graces of the Holy Ghost. He is Mighty. He is able to deliver us

This is a time for us all to become sober and seek the Lord.

Pastors, Churches and People – repent! If we love Him, Jesus said, we will obey Him. His requirements for obedience fill the Gospels and all the Epistles. Pray the Bible way. Get revived the Bible way. Pray much in other tongues and let the Word of Christ fill your hearts.

Instead, millions are looking for a restored Israel nationally. They want the Messiah to appear from heaven and rule for a thousand years. These believers are looking for dominion on earth. It will never be. There is no such carnal idea in the New Testament. Where can you find it? Let us all repent of listening to and following the Prosperity doctrine. It is another gospel.

This is heresy, Anti-Christ, Anti-atonement on the cross and Anti-blood of Jesus.

The believer should be crying ‘Maranatha’ Jesus is coming to take back to heaven those who look for Him.

What if the Lord were to come finding half of the church without oil in their lamps (Matthew 25)?

Will we be ready when the Bridegroom comes?

Sound the trumpet! Cry the alarm! Assemble in your homes and churches! Get your New Testaments and fill your hearts with their messages as you repent (and I also). Get filled with the Holy Ghost, the Bible way, speaking in other tongues.


Biblically founded truths from a true Apostolic Minister of God’s Word.  Dr. Irene Faulkes Ministry has reached out to over a million souls around the world during a lifetime of ministry.  Hundreds of thousands wonderfully baptised with the Holy Spirit, people saved, healed and having miracles. Churches and many Pastors have been revived in thirteen countries.

At the age of twelve, Irene felt she would be a missionary.  All through her teen-age years she had the desire to minister the gospel and was always involved in church work from an early age.  This included youth activities, music, Sunday School and Open Air Gospel meetings.

The call of Christ was always there until finally it met with fruition.

“So send I you”, said the Lord Jesus.

She knew the reality of what David the Psalmist said, “In your Presence, O God, is fullness of joy and at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore”.

Much spiritual activity and Bible study preceded the actual departure from Australia in faith, to do missionary work in Indonesia.  Quite a few years were spent there, before returning to Australia for about four years.  After that there has been an annual ministry overseas, in quite a few countries – such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, U.S.A., Germany, England, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

She has proved that despite a lack of finance, there is a tremendous harvest and overwhelming blessedness in seeing the multitudes touched by Jesus in response to His simple command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel”..

Amongst Charismatic, Pentecostal and Denominational People

Dr. Irene Faulkes was born into one of the earliest Pentecostal families in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Her father, Arthur Martinson, was reared in Estonia in the Russian Orthodox Church. He fought with the British Army in France in World War I where he was converted under the preaching of Gypsy Smith from England.  When the war was over, he migrated to Australia when he later met the early Pentecostals.  He believed their message and was baptised with the Spirit.   Her mother, who was Maud Biggs of Mapleton pioneer family, had a Methodist background, going back some generations.  On meeting Irene’s father, she was baptised with the Spirit.  They were in the fledgling Pentecostal groups, attending later the meetings of Van Eyck in Druid’s Hall, Brisbane.   Irene attended Pentecostal churches from childhood and Cec was blessed to be a believer in their midst from about age seventeen.  He had been converted under two Church of Christ evangelists, one being Henricksen.  He then brought in his whole family. With his parents, two sisters and a brother, he became Pentecostal at the time of Van Eyck, who sadly, succumbed to serious moral sin.

Irene has been ministering for Christ for over sixty-five years, beginning in her teen-age years. She and her first husband, Cecil Bonney, pastored Assemblies of God churches in Australia for some years and were also involved in pioneering, Christian education and children’s work. Her ministry of the baptism with the Spirit began to develop during those years, having been greatly influenced by Sister Groves and Pastors Duncan and Fulwood.  They became involved in the early Charismatic Move in the mid-sixties.

In answer to the Spirit’s call they went to Indonesia where they ministered in thousands of Churches seeing virtually everyone revived with many hundreds of thousands of believers baptised in the Holy Ghost, people born again, miracles of healing and a dead babe in the womb born alive. For over thirty years this ministry saw God “confirm the Word with signs and wonders and gifts of the Holy Ghost”. The book of Acts lives again! On some occasions, people at death’s door were miraculously raised to life and health. On one occasion a child dying of stomach cancer was instantly healed on a Word of Knowledge. When his mother returned home she found him well. Irene stayed with them four years later. The child was thriving. The lame walked. Deaf and dumb were healed. Irene also ran a Bible School there.

Once in a denominational church 100 years old the first altar calls ever were given. One night, 1,200 came forward to accept Christ, weeping as they came. A mad girl, who barked like a dog continually, also deaf and dumb, was healed. Many miracles took place. Such was the case wherever they went.

They had to return to Brisbane, Australia due to Cecil’s heart trouble. Invited to become involved as Pastors with the growing Christian Outreach Centre, they saw Brisbane receive a Sovereign Move of God.  There they were used in seeing many thousands baptized in the Spirit, speaking in tongues in Christian Outreach Centre, West End, Brisbane. This was an important feature of the move of God in Brisbane that affected much of Australia in the late seventies, where she also taught in their first Bible School.

She and Cecil left Australia and began to minister all over Singapore and Malaysia in the early years of the Charismatic move there. This was in an Anglican Cathedral and Anglican churches, Methodist churches and in  seminars, Full Gospel Businessmen’s meetings, home meetings, Mainline and Pentecostal churches. Often miracles and healings took place and hundreds were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Also, they ministered in Thailand, where a reported healing of cancer occurred.  They visited the Philippines for ministry amongst the Episcopalians. A Bishop requested teaching on “How to be born again” for his people. Hundreds received the experience and all, including the Bishop, were baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. On a visit to England, they conducted a healing campaign in a London church. For the first time, those people saw many healings. This church embraced healing and was a few years later featured on Australian Television for its ministry. In 1987, Cecil went to be with the Lord. Their ministry had been to the super rich and famous, politicians, those well-educated and well-positioned in life and on the opposite end of the pole to the multitudes of the poor.

Irene was later remarried,  to Canadian Peter Faulkes.  In her ministry in Asia, healings, from cancer, heart trouble, madness and other diseases have been recorded. A child and a young girl were raised from the dead. Once two gang leaders, murderers of many and rapists of hundreds of women made a stand for Christ. Crowds of people from all denominations in one meeting were filled with the Holy spirit, received prophecies and some even begin to prophesy.  The people were generally led into true worship in the Holy Ghost, according to John 4:24.  She has ministered on Television.  In all the ministry there is a major emphasis on the in-depth preaching and teaching of the gospel and the Word of God and  manifestation of the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost. Peter involves himself in the Video, Writing and Audio Tape ministry. He also handles the extensive computer work after Irene types her writings. He is the organizer of the printing program for her authorship. She has written books such as, They Speak With Tongues, The Promise of The Father and Upon All Flesh, into its fourth edition, and many others, some on salvation, baptism in water, The Trinity, Christ, Epistles and other relevant writings.

They minister with Pentecostal  churches and inter denominationally, sometimes holding seminars for  Pastors, youth and women, in campaigns for the unsaved and those needing the baptism in the Spirit.  They emphasize salvation and the Word of God, Holy Ghost worship, Gifts of the Spirit, healing, deliverance, victory over sin and the teachings of Paul, Peter and John in their epistles.   Often Bible Schools or Seminaries request teaching ministry.  Between them Cecil and Irene Bonney (now Faulkes) would have seen and heard around 1,000,000 speaking in other tongues.  “It is not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit”, says the Lord.

Irene considers and knows it all to have been heaven given privileges under the grace of God.  The greatest of all blessings is to be saved by the blood of Christ, chosen, redeemed and to be a pilgrim and a stranger in this world.

Visiting India    (Oct/Nov 2011)

At the first place visited in a village, had to walk some on a torturous path. Irene says, ‘Oh this is a mistake.’
Arrived at small house there, the step too high, neighbour brought a little stool. About 25 people. Pastor says this is their only opportunity because you have come. You should have seen the 20 or so filled with the Holy Ghost, including 8 children. They spoke and spoke in tongues, the Glory of heaven was there.

I then understood the pastor was telling the people about 15 years ago when I prayed for his mother with a cancerous lump in her breast that she was instantly healed. The cancer never returned. God’s ways are wonderful and mysterious.

He then told the people I would lay hands on the sick.

A miracle word of knowledge, kidneys. Irene tells the pastor the same moment is standing there telling him she has kidney trouble. Took a women home with us and she said my stomach pain is gone. A political contender for the election, high caste, well dressed came at the end. He asked to be blessed, called Irene, swami. This means he recognizes the supernatural in the much speaking of tongues that went over the speakers to the people in that place. He, not Christian, recognized the power of our God. When most church people in Australia tend to neglect, disbelieve or discount it.

Manager of this restaurant is a relative of a top AOG pastor for whom we often ministered. He is opening a reading room and wants all my books to place there.

Dear ones in Christ
Praise the Lord for His grace and wonders.

I ordained a Church of South India man years ago. He is ministering to 3,000 now. His people get into the Holy Ghost.

Students of a Bible School finished the week with the last day seeing numbers tripled, to include quite a few more Charismatic incl. Pentecostal believers who were so keen – not being in the traditional churches. We all got into the Holy Ghost in a power filled way. After all, BBE translation of Acts 2:4 is: ‘They were all filled with the Holy Ghost who gave them power (dunamis) to speak in other languages’. Power is based in speaking with other tongues. Then we can have the 9 gifts of the Spirit manifested after that but the base is Acts 2:4; 1:4; 1:8. The disciples were filled again with the Holy Ghost. Acts 3:11 ‘Times (plural) are to come from the presence of the Lord’, this being said in relation to Acts 2:4 and speaking in tongues. Then Stephen was ‘full of faith and of the Holy Ghost’ as were they all. To be filled with the Holy Ghost always involves prayer in other tongues – being supernatural and indeed, it is the Holy Ghost Himself whom we dare not repel nor neglect.

One male, said I prophesied over him about ten years ago in the Bible School. Said he would be a preacher and gave warning. He did not believe he would be but he now is and the warning was necessary. He asked for prayer as did others. Found the Spirit of prophecy just kept one bringing forth personal prophecies to each one who knelt before me. It flowed and was most appropriate and blessed.

Sunday morning, at a lady’s church. It was amazing. About 14 church members received Acts 2:4 as she told me the church needed the Holy Ghost. There were as well, seven University female students. It was a marvel to see them. The old time Pentecostal power (not fire, but power) was there in a way a little violent, like the violent wind on the Day of Pentecost but no wind of course. For one hour the seven were like loudly chattering birds, eyes closed, oblivious of other people, lost in the Holy Ghost, a couple slain by the Holy Ghost and not by me as I will not even attempt to slay anyone. They instead get the Holy Ghost and speak in other tongues. The Pastor, an old time Pentecostal, whose son runs a church in Chennai and is on TV, said neither she nor her church had seen the like. I have in a measure in years past but never quite in the way it happened.

An old Pastor has been organizing and attending my meetings for maybe twelve years. He never misses when I am around and takes notes – humbly. He has loved it so. It has taken him all those years to have the Lord change his perspective of the New Testament and the things of the Holy Ghost. For two years now he has progressed and changed amazingly. He was speaker at a Pastors’ meeting, on the new creation and the Holy Ghost. >

His son calls me his mentor. He hangs around me, as he tells his Pastor friends, to get what I have, this being the revelation and knowledge of the Scriptures, particularly re the epistles and of the Holy Ghost. This is the Lord’s doing, absolutely. His grace condescends to do His will by the Spirit in this cracked earthen vessel despite it never being 100% engrossing on my part. That is grace.

For fourteen years he has run part Bible Schools daily, and it is only for those who work and come before or after. They are not sponsored by anyone and pay a minimum amount. He went to a Charismatic Bible School for 2 years in Scotland, and has a Pentecostal background. However, he has avidly listened to me, translated for me, translated four of my books, read all of my English ones, absorbed them and listened intently to all the DVDs we have done of all of the Pastors’ conferences and meetings he organizes, over the past 14 years, with my teaching in his school for short periods every time we go to India.

It appears 1,000 have gone through and that 300 are in the ministry. There would be more if there were support. He has sent the 300 out with encouragement and words of: ‘You trust the Lord for support’. There is no organization or denomination behind him or them, certainly not me as we ourselves just go.

Pastors say this apostolic ministry should have prayer support with groups of people praying for my welfare. We taught the students “How to minister the Spirit”.

There was a final meeting with students and people for prophesy. Around thirty received. Over only one was there mention of persecution. I was told latter he was having persecution.

One of the students, all obeying the Word of my preaching and teaching, did evangelism in a hospital with another belief. He laid hands on a child with distended stomach who had not passed urine for two days. The child then passed two pints. Doctor and visitors where amazed. Some women offered him money to give to his God.

Had a pastor’s conference, with those who did not know me and had been doubtful. Doubt turned to joy. One old pastor had read my book printed in 1995.

We went to a charismatic church building that was full, 220 pastors and others. They wholeheartedly accepted the Word of Christ. The host pastor said thank you a few times for bringing Rev. Irene. Always they all get full of the Holy Ghost overwhelmingly.

At another conference, the final one, it was mighty.

The team of pastors arranging these things when speaking of the ministry said, in joy and amazement we have never heard anything like it.

Of course we pay for all these things.

Have printed 2000 copies each of Tamil ‘Truth, Grace And Power’; of English ‘Truth, Grace And Power’, ‘The Holy Spirit Came’ and ‘Israel, The Jews And The Millennium’.

Peter is doing DVDs and we are printing ‘Truth, Grace And Power’ in Tamil and ‘Israel, The Jews And The Millennium’ and ‘Truth, Grace And Power’ – dynamite – in English. A dream from the Lord to Peter encouraged me to print what we laboriously did and have now edited finally. I yesterday remembered I had visions a few years back where I was blowing a golden trumpet. Now I see the association with Peter’s of the Lord Himself blowing a gold trumpet, He with three heads to it. So what we have written, we have written, believing it all to be Truth, by the Spirit.